Mission Trips


why we go

Our aim is to address the challenges that impede the overall health in Haiti.

In 2015 three Haitian-born medical students began setting the foundation for realizing a dream each had established individually. They understood their native country of Haiti was one of the richest places in the Western hemisphere, despite being deemed the poorest after centuries of exploitation. The liberation of the Haitian slaves in 1804 was a result of mass collaboration among the Haitian people. KORE Haiti was built on the principles of collaboration and support led by Haitians, for all Haitians. We set ourselves apart by asking the community leaders and citizens what do they need? We seek out collaborative efforts utilizing resources volunteers already within the community to foster sustainability within the domains of education, healthcare, and economics. Our three-pronged approach is our foundation for addressing the social determinants of health with regards to improving the quality of life of all Haitians. 


where we’ve been

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and serving alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters.


where we’re going

March 2020

St. Michel de L’Attalaye (March 21st-27th, 2020)

Hinche (March 28th-April 3rd, 2020)


Last year in St. Michel was our most ambitious and successful trip to date. Our health education seminars continued to be the cornerstone of our vision, but we expanded to much-needed area of improvement in Haiti: Prenatal & Maternal-Fetal Care. With the advent of our OBGYN Women's Clinic session, KORE's education team provide a culturally appropriate, research-based approach towards Women's Health, as well as a dedicated OBGYN visit for many women who have never had screening and/or examinations. We're excited to collaborate with U.S. and locally trained OBGYN physicians to train the next generation of maternity care providers. Our "Shark Tank" Economics 3-day seminar was loved by the participants, with the provision of financial literacy, business pitches, fundraising strategies, and a lucky winner receiving investment from our very own team! our dental clinic was able to provide cleaning, extractions and much more to those who have never been afforded the luxury. 



Total cost of trip ($725-$825) which includes:

Airfare (varies)






Travel Insurance

Our medical mission trip incorporates:

Interactive health education seminars

General health screening and medical management of preventable diseases

Identify candidates for surgery to be referred to our partners

Women’s health clinic

Pediatric primary care services

Dental cleaning and teeth extractions

Economics Seminar




“I wish everyone could personally know Dany, Stevenson, and Sam. They are the heart and soul of the organization and are all incredibly gifted in unique ways. More than anything, I wish people understood the purity of their intentions. They desire nothing more than to help people in need. In my opinion, there couldn't be a more trustworthy and capable organization to support than KORE.”

William Isom