Mission Trips

This year in St. Michel aims to be our most ambitious yet! Our health education seminars continue to be the cornerstone of our vision, but we now expand to a much needed area of improvement in Haiti: Prenatal & Maternal-Fetal Care. With the advent of our OBGYN Women's Clinic session, KORE's education team will expand this year to provide a culturally appropriate, research-based approach towards Women's Health. We're excited to collaborate with U.S. and locally trained OBGYN physicians to train the next generation of maternity care providers!

  • Our medical mission trip incorporates:
    • Interactive health education seminars
    • General health screening and medical management of preventable diseases
    • Identify candidates for surgery to be referred to our partners
    • Women’s health clinic
    • Pediatric primary care services
    • Dental cleaning and teeth extractions

March 24-29, 2018

  • Total cost of trip ($725-$825)
  • Includes:
    • Airfare*
    • Lodging
    • Security
    • Transportation
    • Accomodations
    • Food
    • Travel Insurance

    • * Varies

About KORE Haiti, Inc.

KORE Haiti Inc is a 501 ©3 organization founded in 2015 by three Haitian-born medical students who shared a common passion for providing humanistic care to communities in Haiti. Since its inception, the organization has been addressing the health disparities associated with chronic and preventable diseases by focusing on the social determinant factors that influences their prevalence...

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