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KORE Representative Role Description

As an organization who seeks to better the Haitian community through mutual beneficial partnership with other organizations, we need the resources necessary to fulfill our vision. We have developed the position of the KORE Representative for those who share our vision and want to assist in the advancement of the Haitian people but physically cannot participate in volunteering activities due to geographical constraints . The position of the KORE representative encompasses many roles within two broad categories: networking, and project executing team member. The KORE representative will be a visible symbol of KORE Haiti, Inc within their community and the public by engaging in conversation with leaders and individuals within their respective community and professional field to promote our ideology as it pertains to the advancement of the Haitian community abroad as well as locally. They will help us identify and develop relationships with other organizations or professionals who will donate time through simple guidance or partake in KORE sponsored activities or provide financial support. Finally, the KORE representative will serve as a liaison receiving and relaying messages and communications between KORE executive board and targeted professionals or entities.

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About KORE Haiti, Inc.

KORE Haiti Inc is a 501 ©3 organization founded in 2015 by three Haitian-born medical students who shared a common passion for providing humanistic care to communities in Haiti. Since its inception, the organization has been addressing the health disparities associated with chronic and preventable diseases by focusing on the social determinant factors that influences their prevalence...

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