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Stevenson Chery, Yves-Dany Accilien and Samuel Jean-Baptiste


In December of 2014, Stevenson, Sam, and Dany, all Haitian born FIU medical students, decided to organize a medical mission trip to Haiti in the spring of 2015. They immediately got to work in January 2015, as they planned to head out at the end of March 2015. Somehow, they managed to raise the money and develop support from companies and a large number of people, including classmates.

Under the aid of Projects for Haiti, they went to Cap Haitian and did a “mobile clinic” and conducted educational sessions around the area, as there weren’t a nearby hospital for them to utilize. With about 17 people, they were able to set up in a local school and see 368 patients over a period of two days. They provided free physicals and prescription medications to those people and left instruments like blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes for future teams to use.

When they got back to the United States, they realized they couldn’t simply stop there, as there was so much opportunity for growth of the people in Haiti, as well as those in the United States. The possibility of advancing the entire culture appeared to be a dream, but they figured most things start off the same way. They understood that “health” has many facets, and the most important aspects of it may not even be “medical” in the traditional sense of simply providing medications. So KORE’s three methods of approaching “health” is through Medicine, Education, and Economic Sustainability. ... read more

Meet Our Board

Stevenson Chery
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Stevenson Chery is a native of Carrefour, Haiti. After obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Florida, he obtained a Master's in Education at the University of Central Florida. While completing this degree, Stevenson was highly involved in the Orlando community, serving as a chemistry teacher, soccer coach, and a tutor amongst other things. Currently, he is a second year medical student at FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. Since migrating to the U.S. in 2004, Stevenson has always had the urge to give back to the country that has established his identity. Stevenson expects KORE Haiti, Inc. to make major impacts in Haiti through their collaborative efforts with other entities.

Yves-Dany Accilien
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Dany developed a love for both medicine and the Haitian culture through the example of his mother, Noel, a nurse and aspiring nurse practitioner. A native of Hinche, Haiti, Dany moved to the United States at a young age, leaving most of his family behind in Haiti. Every visit to Haiti since then has been a revitalizing experience and serving the Haitian community has been a driving force in Dany’s life. After receiving his bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami, Dany matriculated into FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in the fall of 2014. In his free time, he enjoys visiting his amazing family in Tampa, longboarding, dancing, playing basketball and reading up on philosophy, education, business, surgery, exercise and nutrition.

Samuel Jean-Baptiste
Chief Program Officer and Co-Founder

Samuel Jean-Baptiste earned his BS in Applied Mathematics from Emory University in 2014 and subsequently matriculated at FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. He became interested in medicine after juxtaposing the health disparities he experienced in Haiti with that of socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals in the US. Sam’s unique and varied experiences, which include his extensive background in pure mathematics (PURE Math Hawaii) and biomedical informatics research (SURE Emory), have shaped his conceptualization of medicine as a science and an art. After a medical trip to Haiti, Sam progressively began to espouse the notion that science alone cannot address disease without a deeper understanding of the intricacies that predicate their occurrences. He was recently a Simon Kramer Extern at Thomas Jefferson University’s department of Radiation Oncology and plans on pursuing a career in medicine in which he can address the disparities associated with cancer among the Haitian and African-American population.

Cassandra Rene
Chief Administrative Officer

Cassandra is a Miami native-born, but began her early childhood in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. She is a current PhD student at Florida International University studying Public Health with a concentration in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She is a proud alumna of the University of Florida, receiving her Bachelors of Science degree in 2013, as well as a graduate of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where she received her Master of Public Health degree in 2016. As an advocate for the importance of prevention, Cassandra anticipates that the initiatives KORE plans to carry out within each of KORE’s 3 arms will foster longevity in the area of Public Health. There will always be circumstances that will challenge one’s well-being, but Cassandra believes that it is essential to establish a foundation that will help equip the Haitian people with the tools necessary to overcome their hardships.

Dafnie Nacius
Chief Financial Officer

Dafnie Nacius is an Audit Associate at Grant Thornton, LLP and has several years of experience in not-for-profit accounting. Her background also extends to providing financial services within the small business, corporate and education industries. Nacius obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Florida and Master of Accountancy degree from the University of North of Florida. During her free time, she enjoys singing, recording music, reading, volunteering and traveling. Nacius has a passion for using her skills in accounting and finance for the betterment of not only non-profit organizations, but for the Haitian community due to her familial background. She aspires to make an impact on the state of the country and its people through her involvement with KORE Haiti, Inc.

Sony Laventure
Chief Creative Officier

Sony Laventure is a business entrepreneur with a background that extends to web/software development, multi-media production, marketing, blogging/social media, graphic design and Information Technology. Sony currently serves as head web developer, graphic designer, photographer and internet marketing for Jackson Stoneworks’ corporate location in Gainesville, FL. In addition to his commitment to Jackson Stoneworks, Sony also owns several companies and is an investor for an upcoming clothing line. Apart from the corporate world, Sony enjoys investing into people, especially the people of Haiti. He truly believes that the Haitian-American Diasporas play a major role in Haiti’s redevelopment and sustainability. Therefore Sony plans to utilize his skill sets, creativity, and resources to help the organization form strong relations between the United States and Haiti.

About KORE Haiti, Inc.

KORE Haiti Inc is a 501 ©3 organization founded in 2015 by three Haitian-born medical students who shared a common passion for providing humanistic care to communities in Haiti. Since its inception, the organization has been addressing the health disparities associated with chronic and preventable diseases by focusing on the social determinant factors that influences their prevalence...

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