The mission of KORE Haiti is to support the Haitian community by addressing educational barriers, access to healthcare, and economic sustainability through diverse partnerships. Why health, education and economic sustainability? Our primary objective is to improve the overall health of the Haitian people. However, social determinants of health teaches us one cannot work without the other, the fate of each are intertwined. Overall health cannot be ameliorated without focusing on the root of the problem. We aim to address the challenges that impede overall health of the Haitian people.


Our vision is to ensure every member of the Haitian community has equal access to education, healthcare and the ability to prosper financially.

KORE Haiti, Inc.

In December of 2014, Stevenson, Sam, and Dany, all Haitian born FIU medical students, decided to organize a medical mission trip to Haiti in the spring of 2015. They immediately got to work in January 2015, as they planned to head out at the end of March 2015. Somehow, they managed to raise the money and develop support from companies and a large number of people, including classmates.

Under the aid of Projects for Haiti, they went to Cap Haitian and did a “mobile clinic” and conducted educational sessions around the area, as there weren’t a nearby hospital for them to utilize. With about 17 people, they were able to set up in a local school and see 368 patients over a period of two days. They provided free physicals and prescription medications to those people and left instruments like blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes for future teams to use.

When they got back to the United States, they realized they couldn’t simply stop there, as there was so much opportunity for growth of the people in Haiti, as well as those in the United States. The possibility of advancing the entire culture appeared to be a dream, but they figured most things start off the same way. They understood that “health” has many facets, and the most important aspects of it may not even be “medical” in the traditional sense of simply providing medications. So KORE’s three methods of approaching “health” is through Medicine, Education, and Economic Sustainability.

They worked quickly and obtained 501c3 status within a month. By July 2015 Stevenson and Dany had traveled back to Haiti to scout potential places for the next spring mission. During the trip, they were able to see close to 350 patients in areas around St. Michel de L’attalaye over two days. They also met with Haitian organizations in areas around Carrefour to discuss their region and possible financial support for their school and the development of their lake to provide water and a possible source of food via fish supply. The initial mission trip was funded by each individual, with fundraising aiding them in purchasing equipment and medication only. Moving along, many organizations have thankfully supported their ideas. In only the past few months they have developed partnerships and been supported by: Digicel, Capital Bank, MDF Instruments, Projects for Haiti, Krispy Kreme, Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission, and The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad.

About KORE Haiti, Inc.

KORE Haiti Inc is a 501 ©3 organization founded in 2015 by three Haitian-born medical students who shared a common passion for providing humanistic care to communities in Haiti. Since its inception, the organization has been addressing the health disparities associated with chronic and preventable diseases by focusing on the social determinant factors that influences their prevalence...

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